Crude Oil Outlook Update

Lower for (even) longer In our January oil outlook update, our forecast for oil prices this year was adjusted down to $30~$50 from $40~$60, expecting the realignment of OPEC quota post Iran/Iraq production increases to normalize oil prices back to $80 range in 2018. OPEC inaction and weakening Chinese appetite were key factors behind the [...]

Crude Oil Outlook Update2018-11-01T19:31:59-06:00

Noise Cancelling

Since unwinding the briefly held 1x long US and International equity market positions in June, we remained defensive through July. Our proprietary global risk signal has shown benign conditions since the Greek debt negotiations. Market volatility has also been kept at historical lows. In the short term, we expect volatility to normalize with the risk [...]

Noise Cancelling2018-11-01T19:32:00-06:00