Adjusting Our Outlook

In response to the recent nuclear deal with Iran, we are adjusting our near term crude oil outlook from $50~$70 to $40~$60. The adjustment reflects approximately 1mmb/d of additional supply coming online from Iran in the next couple of years.

US rig count has found a floor while production settled at a higher plateau than March when we last updated our views on the oil market. Prolonged period of sub $70 oil will make it even harder for non-Saudi OPEC members to cut production. Global demand, especially from Asia and Europe, show no sign of short term rally. Despite bullish factors surrounding the Islamic State’s increased activities, we argued in our last update that potential indications of US-Iranian nuclear deal could make things complicated.

Going Forward

We now see that most of the ‘surprise’ bullish factors have receded but our underlying analysis remains unchanged – Oil will continue to trade in a narrow band.


Fig1. US oil output has increased since March. Source: Bloomberg 


Fig2. After a rapid decline, US rig counts have found a floor. Source: Bloomberg


Fig3. Oil will continue to trade in a range. WTI data from Jul 2014 to current. Source: Bloomberg


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