Market Outlook 2019

The Santa Claus rally arrived late this past year but finally came through in a big way and has carried forward into the New Year. Positive news, with a more dovish Fed and face-to-face talks with China on trade issues, has supported this recent rally. While this has raised investor spirits, the damage done [...]

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Rollin’ with the Punches

S&P 500 Large Cap Index As noted in our communication on Friday, October 5th, we were worried volatility would pick up - quite the understatement! The S&P 500 (which is an index of US-based large-cap stocks) broke its short-term trend line, the 10-day moving average, last Friday. It has further broken the 50-day moving average [...]

Rollin’ with the Punches2023-06-01T09:24:56-06:00

Dane E. Crunk Quoted in NY Times Article

A recent NY Times article discusses the boom and bust nature of the oil industry and the planning opportunities that arise during such downturns.  The full article can be read here.

Dane E. Crunk Quoted in NY Times Article2023-06-01T09:24:58-06:00

Model Behavior

The Fed’s own risk models painted a contradictory picture by spiking up just before the FOMC meeting. As the Fed continues to avoid rate hikes by kicking the decision down to December or possibly 2016, the new hawkish voting members of FOMC will be put in a tough spot to fight consensus. While the new [...]

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GIPS Announcement

Syntal Capital Partners is proud to announce that our firm has been verified in our compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standard (GIPS®). The GIPS® Standards were created by the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute as a way to create a global standard for calculating and presenting performance. These standards were created to give investors confidence that a [...]

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Crude Oil Outlook Update

Adjusting Our Outlook In response to the recent nuclear deal with Iran, we are adjusting our near term crude oil outlook from $50~$70 to $40~$60. The adjustment reflects approximately 1mmb/d of additional supply coming online from Iran in the next couple of years. US rig count has found a floor while production settled at a [...]

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