Dear Clients & Friends, 

As you know, the recent global outbreak of the Coronavirus has placed both the markets and citizens on-edge. At this time, it is impossible to determine the eventual spread and impact of this virus, but it has the potential to disrupt our daily lives for the near future. 

Syntal is currently implementing processes to protect the well-being of our employees and clients, as well as testing our Business Continuity Plan should this outbreak require us to conduct business completely off-site. We enacted our first test last week, of which we have been pleased with the results. We have team members deployed at both our office and at our individual residences on a select basis as part of this plan. 

At this time, we are not going to hold personal meetings in the office. We have a core team at the office to handle phone calls and all team members are available by email and cell phone. It is our intention to implement any such emergency initiative as seamlessly as possible without disruption to our ability to manage your investments or our daily business activities. 

Should operations in our Midland or Colorado Springs offices be disrupted, you will all receive an email outlining how Syntal’s businesses will continue to operate. Further, we continue to partner closely with your account custodians to ensure that you have full access to your account information at all times. 

We don’t want anyone to be alarmed by this e-mail, rather, ensure you that we maintain Business Continuity Procedures as a requirement from the SEC. While it is never our desire to implement them, we are confident in our abilities to continue to serve you and your family through unforeseen situations that would require it. 


Syntal Capital Partners Team